Karl Oscar Weber: Programmer

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About Me

My name is Karl, I’ve been programming for over 10 years, Professionally for over 4 years. I first learned to program by reading PHP in a Nutshell like a novel. After figuring out I would need to learn SQL to make anything cool on the internet I picked up the book Learning SQL. I’ve been following that learning pattern ever since. Right now I’m focusing on learning Swift and getting better at iOS development.


I respond to email: me@kow.fm and phone calls: (801) 652-1507
I also use twitter & github as:karloscarweber.

Employment History

2014 - Present


Working on a self-funded company to make tiny apps and write books about them..

Fifty Studio,
2013 - 2015

Lead Mobile Engineer

I built dynamic database driven websites from scratch using PHP & MySQL. Many components also required some sort of unique ajax interface, I was also tasked with building up Fifty Studio’s Mobile division.

Media Rain,

Javascript Engineer

I worked as a javascript Engineer for Media Rain on several projects. Particularly modifying visual based ajax applications to make them compatible with Screen Readers, A very difficult endeavor.

Red Olive,
2011 - Jan

Web Developer

I adapted Web Designs from Photoshop files into responsive websites.


What I can do.

I’m an expert in HTML/CSS, PHP & MySQL. I've been building Web Database applications for the last 3 years using CakePHP. I’m pretty handy with Javascript too. I’m an advanced Objective-C user with expertise in networking, auto-layout, and UIKit. I’m writing a book teaching Swift to beginners, so I’m pretty handy with Swift as well.