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Interviews for the Book

July 28 2014 , Podcast

I'm writing a book, Swift Foundations. It's a beginners book for learning to make iOS appsRead more


June 21 2014

I made a few icons inspired by the movie Oblivion. They are free through Gumroad: Download.Read more

How's the Book Going?

June 20 2014 , Swift

I'm writing a book that teaches Swift to beginners. Unlike my previous attempts to write aRead more

WWDC 2014

June 3 2014

There were a lot of reveals in this years WWDC keynote. It was crazy. They justRead more

Saving Time

March 9 2014

I wrote the following about a year ago: march 23rd 2013, time savings. So you knowRead more

2014 New Years failures

March 9 2014

It has been some time since the new year started. I wrote down a short listRead more

What is a programmer?

March 9 2014

I'm a programmer. So what do I do all day? work out problems? Math? Something elseRead more

Organizing Your Time

November 16 2013

The most precious resource we have is our time. It's limited, in short supply, and weRead more

document.ready for jQuery

October 24 2013

So I've had to look this up so many times that I decided to write aboutRead more

Sit at a typewriter and Bleed

October 16 2013

Recently I wrote about writing two books. I must say that writing is hard. Merely puttingRead more

Writing Two Books

October 1 2013

I've decided to write a beginner's Book to themeing with Ghost. It will be a littleRead more

Another New Blog

September 23 2013

So I've moved my blog again. This time to Ghost. It's the Programmers Cliché to continuallyRead more

I'm Still in Love with the Web

February 10 2013

Even with the swift change of focus towards mobile apps and experiences, I'm still in loveRead more

The Fizz Buzz Problem

January 14 2013

Today I was asked to "white board" fizz buzz while in an interview. FizzRead more

Getting Fired

January 11 2013

So I lost my job a week before Christmas. Well, actually I was fired hardcore. IRead more

I love Pixels

December 11 2012

I absolutely Love Pixel art. I think I'm going to move to pixel art for allRead more

Documentation Matters

October 17 2012

Good documentation absolutely matters. It's the difference between code being useful or an obstacle. The wholeRead more

Git Troubles

September 22 2012

I experienced some rather unfortunate consequences by keeping my git repository in my dropbox. I workRead more

A New Blog

August 28 2012

This is my very first post with textpress. I must say, It's a very impressive littleRead more