Karl Oscar Weber

2014 New Years failures

It has been some time since the new year started. I wrote down a short list of habits I wanted to aim for. All of which I've failed at. So I've decided to make a new list of things. This one much more achievable.

  1. Ride to Work as often as possible.
  2. Write Every Day.
  3. Read a book every day.
  4. Program everyday.
  5. Go to bed after 12.

Now I think it's important to explain that last one. If I go to sleep before midnight, I wake up at about the same time as usual, around 8:30, I get ready for work, I show up at about 9:15, program until around 6, and then the cycle repeats.

If I stay up writing or programming for about an hour I stil wake up around 8:30. Going with less sleep really doesn't affect me that much. In fact, It might actually make me happier becuase now I can program on stuff I want to program.

As a rule I've learned it's really stupid to announce something that you haven't started yet. But as is the norm with The resolutions, I think it would help to write down my little list.

Perhaps a re-evaulation of your own goals wouldn't hurt.