Karl Oscar Weber

48 Hour Book Jam

So this past Weekend there was a 48 hour game jam held in downtown Salt Lake City. I really wanted to participate but I realized I had slowed in my progress with Swift Foundations. If I was ever going to get the book finished it would require a huge effort to get the first Draft Finished. So I challenged myself to a 48 hour Book Jam.

Officially the goal is to write a book in 48 hours, or at least to finish the one I'm currently working on. I wasn't able to achieve that goal, but the book is very close to a completed first draft. I've also submitted the first sample app of the book, Stand To Make , to the app store.

Stand To Make is an app version of the popular web app. It's a calculator that helps you to understand how much you stand to make with selling a product after procesing fees. I have found it to be an invaluable tool and have wanted to turn it into an app for some time. Well Today I submitted version 0.5, the final version in the book to the App Store. It's not as pretty as it should be, but it works very well for estimating app Store revenue.

You can download the source code from github.

Now to finishing this book.