Karl Oscar Weber

A New Blog

This is my very first post with textpress. I must say, It's a very impressive little blog engine. I have aspirations of writing my own blog engine, and I believe that I will. I don't see any harm in learning exactly how textpress works though. Today I spent a good 2 hours looking through the code and learning how this thing works. I hope to spend many more hours doing so.

Why a new Blog

I have had a big desire to host my own blog for some time now. TextPress just happens to be perfect. It's flat-file, which means no database, It uses markdown, and it's fairly simple and straight forward in it's design. I could use git with this Engine and deploy just fine. I'll work on moving this over to Heroku or something.

Also hosting my own blog gives me an incredible amount of expressive freedom. I'm a Web Developer and I need the opportunity to experiment with designs and layouts as I see fit. Slim is very flexible for my needs, and TextPress is very easy to modify and change.


I want to extend this blog engine to support Cheddar hash tags, and Cheddar OAuth 2.0. I also want to make a backbone.js powered admin backend for this thing. Which would be quite fun. We'll see how it goes.

Sincerely, Karl Oscar Weber