Karl Oscar Weber

Another New Blog

So I've moved my blog again. This time to Ghost. It's the Programmers Cliché to continually switch blog platforms. I plan on staying with Ghost for a while. It's beautiful, useful and brand new. Everything you could want in a blog.

A while ago I wrote about how I wanted to learn a handful of new technologies. That hasn't gone as well as I had hoped. I have done some iOS and Stripe work though. Stripe is awesome by the way. That's how you write Documentation.

I'm working on a thing called The Compendium, a collection of Stripe Ghost Themes that are all free and stuff. It's part of my effort to Commit to Github every day for a year. Which I reccommend by the way.

I'm also Working on Prologue.co, my effort to make my own products. I'm making Freemium apps, each one using the same login as every other app, and users are able to vote for the features they want to see made. Votes are Given out every month based on their subscription level. A free account gets 1 Vote, a Premium account gets 3 Votes. It will launch in the next couple of weeks.