Karl Oscar Weber



In January 2024, I was laid off. It was sudden, and extremely rude. I found out during standoff. Soon after my work accounts stopped working. I had poured so much into that job. The people, and the environment. I worked really hard to make it a great place for the folks on the team, and to support them any way that I could. But all for naught.

That's alright, time to learn and move forward. I spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out what was next for me. What am I really good at and what do I want to do? You know, besides the necessity to pay for rent, utilities, and food. Also I have a wife and 4 kids. Gotta provide for them too. It's kinda important.

After a while I figured out what I wanted to do. Everything.


Friends, I'm serious. I really like Art and Design stuff, been doing it on the side for like 20 years. Over the last couple of years I've gone through an existential change in how I see things. "Why the fuck not?!?!" Is often going through my mind. I'm more confident than I've ever been and it fucking shows. I'm just getting better at my job.

So the thing I want to do for the next 40 years is a subscription studio. I call it Capsule.

Capsule is everything

There's been this concept going around of agencies or studios delivering unlimited design services for a flat monthly fee. A retainer basically, but not really. It's a subscription. Usually a subscriber is limited to one "request" or task at a time. So that the provider of services can rotate through their clients, Deliver value, then await for feedback.

I think this model is pretty cool. Paid upfront, the price is low enough that it can be a subscription, and all the work I can handle. It's pretty swell. Actually.

The only way to get better/faster.

Is to do more work. That's it. Quantity == Quality. Rise and Grind my friends. I'm pretty good at my job, but I want to be even better. Fast and Furious. The only path I see to doing that is straight through. Do as much work as I can, as fast as I can. So that's what Imma do.

Capsule has 3 plans, Rocket, Pro, and Bell Grande. The Rocket plan offers Art, Design, and websites. That's front end work writing HTML and CSS. Pro Also offers Ruby and iOS development, and Bell Grande is just 3 times bigger than Pro. It's like having a small startup team working for you furiously. The prices are $999, $1,999, and $5,999. But all the plans are 50% off for the first 10 customers or until the launch month ends, whichever comes first. So it's way cheaper and it's like an 83% discount off my normal rate. It would be crazy not to subscribe, CRAZY! The discount lasts until you cancel. It's that simple.

Anyways friends. That's what I'm doing. Capsule, Get some.