Karl Oscar Weber

Hitting Reboot

A few months ago I started writing a programming book called Swift Foundations. Soon afterwards I also decided to start a podcast. Trying to do both projects at once was a big mistake. Deadlines have been missed, as well as opportunities. I was really distracted and stressed out of my mind. Recently I decided to start over, not only with my own personal deadlines, but also with the goals I had for my Podcast, and My Book. To scale everything back to manageable levels. I've decided to release my Book early.

Starting Today Swift Foundations (Beta) is available for sale and in open Beta. So... What does this mean. Well the book is for sale and almost done, But rather than wait until it's completely finished I'm releasing it into a Paid Beta Program. Anybody can buy the book, unfinished, and get to read the chapters as they get finalized for publication.

I'm really excited to get the book into the hands of as many Beginners as possible to see what they think. You can buy the book here: Swift Foundations, A Free Chapter is also available on the same page.

Feedback or comments are welcome, reach me by email at me@kow.fm, or on twitter @karloscarweber.