Karl Oscar Weber

I love Pixels

I absolutely Love Pixel art. I think I'm going to move to pixel art for all of my projects. I'm not exactly sure what I can put on my site here, but I'll think of something.

I've been following a kickstarter called Retro Game Crunch since it's inception. I'm a big fan of Shaun Inman. If you have time check out his games Horror Vacui 2 and The Last Rocket. Both are Awesome retro pixel games. The idea is for these three guys to make six games in six months. Pretty inspiring when You think about it. Well Today the campaign was just funded, and they are for sure able to build their games. It's a triumph of independent gaming!

Recently I finished what would be considered my first "game"; a tutorial building a beat em up game. after this experience I'm going to try to iterate on my own ideas and build my own little, very little game. Let's see what happens.