Karl Oscar Weber

I started writing a programming language

Hi friends,

I started writing a programming language in Lua. Lua is fast, small, embeddable, extendable, and has a Garbage Collector. I want to write something that is simple to parse, extensible, and purpose built for writing and working with UI on the web.

Originally I wanted to dig deep into coffeescript to figure this out, I still might do that, but CoffeeScript has a syntax that irks me. I wondered if it would be easy enough to write an interpreter that compiles to another language. Like CoffeeScript to Javascript. I figured that it's gotta be possible, Right? I mean, people have DONE this before. But the issues I have is that CoffeeScript IS Javascript with a mask on and some bits hidden/removed. I want to make something that kinda starts from scratch, Fresh and new with some lessons.

WASM is a thing. So why not write a language that's embedded in your browser? That could be cool right? I'd love to just ship my programming languages files like javascript files, or write it directly on my website, and see it just work. Try to bring some of that magic back. With a stable WASM interpreter I could push that to a CDN and then folks hitting the pages with this language would only need to download the interpreter once.

What's next?

Well, I guess I need to get the basics of the thing working. An interpreter, some Variables, math, and a REPL. Follow along here: https://github.com/karloscarweber/stim