Karl Oscar Weber

Minimum Viable Post

There are a lot of those silly, startupy self help Blog posts about what's necessary for a Minimum Viable Product. That's great for trying to whittle down your idea to just the most necessary parts of it. But what about the progress to get to that Point? or the Effort needed to market your shiny new thing? I'd like to introduce a pattern that I call Minimum Viable Post: The smallest bit of change that is worth reporting.

Most Software Developers are already used to publishing small pieces of progress, it's called a change log. I'm not about to announce a new startup that embeds change logs easily into your blog, but I do suggest that you have a record of when you accomplish something small, and what type of accomplishment it is.

This is what my changelog will look like:

My personal Changelog

Update: Trigger App has a really good example of what a Roadmap would look like: Roadmap, which is very similar to the changelog in this context.

Update, Update: So Cheddar is back alive now and here is the Cheddarapp.com/Changelog.

Update, Update, Update: CushionApp has a really great example of a changelog: cushionapp.com/changelog