Karl Oscar Weber

Organizing Your Time

The most precious resource we have is our time. It's limited, in short supply, and we can't get any more of it. Managing our time wisely becomes the most important thing we do. If you think of time as a currency, then you'll begin to understand that Time is most valuable thing we have.

Time can be spent, and it's in spending our time strategically, that gets us ahead. everyone has the same resource of time, no one is given more of it. So I thought it would be good to share some thoughts i have on time.

What Do You NEED To Do?

Make a list of all the things that you need to do in your daily routine. Shower, Eat, Brush your teeth, go to work. Then make a list of all the things that are necessary during the month; like paying Rent or you mortgage, Phone Bills, Transportation, Food money, riding your bike. Make certain that you write down in your schedule a block of time, usually an hour, where you do each of these things, and when the time comes, you do them.

prioritizing the essential things in life is the most important skill a person can learn, in regards to Time Management. It teaches honor and honesty. It builds confidence, and the humility to understand that we don't have time for everything.

Be Early

My Biggest Weakness, I think, is the procrastination of time. It is also the most important thing that must be mastered. Whether it is arriving to work early, or getting your work done before it's expected, being early earns sucess.

Say No.

When someone schedules a useless meeting, refuse. Most meetings aren't completely useless, but bring very little value. Only attend High value meetings. Apply this principle to everything. If you install Railings for example, it wouldn't make sense to start the day at Eight by driving three hours in one direction to install a job, only to pick up and leave after on hour to drive Two hours to another job. Now it's Two pm becuase you had to take a lunch hour, and both jobs require another Five hours to complete, in Two and a half hours work time is over and you have to go home.

Saying no to the less effective uses of your time is important to having time available for the important things in life. When you're not passionate about your work, you are working to live. It's important to maximize your effectiveness at work, prevent the possibility of overtime, and maintain good productivity to keep and excel at your job. In this sort of work it's important to spend as little time as possible actually working, and more time with your family.

If you love your job then that's even worse. You must fight for time away from your job. Avoid being trapped in endless spirals of just a little longer. Overworking is detrimental to your productivity and health.

Take Time Off.

From time to time everyone needs a vacation, or a little time to relax. Make certain that you do that daily, weekly, and monthly. Three hours of focused coding time is what I really need to get things done. I can get Two of These Solid Sessions in a work day, fitting emails and project management around them. I'll get a solid Session in the morning as well.

Just a couple of weeks ago we took a weekend off to go on a micro vacation. We visited San Fancisco and nearby Muir Beach. Admittedly we were driving for most of the time. My wife had never seen the beach before. We couldn't spend much time out of our car doing silly things but it was memorable. It was worthwhile to be together doing something that my wife has never done before. Making magical moments like that are worth it.