Karl Oscar Weber

Playbook: Marketing your freelance business

Playbook: Marketing your freelance business

Right so this is mostly a guide for me, to tell me what to do when it comes to marketing my business, which is just me. I'm my business right now. So when you don't have work do these things:

  1. Tell everyone that you're looking for work.
  2. Reach out to people that need help.
  3. Cold email people that you think need some badass work done.

Of course this is only secondary stuff when you're immediately looking for work. Levers you can pull, if you will. The most important parts of find work are these steps:

  1. Do your damn best for every project.
  2. People will talk.

It's pretty simple when you think about it. If people aren't talking about your work, then you have got to talk about it. If you don't have any work to talk about, then you gotta make some. Seems simple enough.