Website Redesign


It's been a while since I've updated my blog or worked on my site because of... well you know, the world. Anyways, It's time to finish this and post tons of stuff.

A lot of people are suddenly Redesigning their website out in the open. I was in the midst of doing a redesign and thought, hell! why don't I redesign my website in the open too! So I am.

This website uses ghost, So it has a theme. You can see that here:

What prompted this? Frank Chimero started changing his website up, so I thought that was cool. Then this fellow tweeted that he'd do the same. He mentioned that Tatiana Mac said that it is pointless to rewrite your website in private, and you know what? she's right!

I'm trying a lot of new things with this redesign. I've recently been hired as an open source developer at a financial company. I work on their Front Ends and I iterate on a design system. I'm pretty ambitious as to what I want it to be. I want to share these experiments in levaraging new ideas in that project, but I should probably test these ideas first. So I'll test them here and tell you about it.

This Page will serve as an index, so that I can easily document the redesign. I started on Feb 21st 2020.


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