Karl Oscar Weber

Serving Independent Artists & Designers

Serving Independent Artists & Designers

I want to spend my time making things I'm proud of.

I'm not proud of 90% of the work I've done. I'm changing that. I've worked on implementing features and designs that clients thought were a good idea and just, weren't. Most startups are making complete crap. Useless stuff like delivering the ingredients for a home cooked meal to your door, or virtual personal assistants. What's worse are the horribly ugly design directions some clients want to go. It's just, ugh.

Why can't we make really beautiful experiences that may or may not change the world?

I'm just coming off of this creative High from ValioCon, which was an amazing Conference. I wrote a flippin book full of notes and I'll share soon. The biggest thing I learned is to stop making crap that you don't enjoy. Just because You're not good at what you like to do doesn't mean you shouldn't do it! Sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something. So I'm going to do the creative things that interest me. As part of that I want to collaborate with Independent Artists & Designers.

I'm a freelance working remotely and I want to keep it that way. I'm working with the Talented Ash Huang, who spoke at ValioCon and she is writing another book. Really amazing stuff is coming out of Ash right now, Creativity wise. We're building Amulet. I'm very fortunate to work with such a talented Artist/Designer/Writer. And I don't want this to stop.

I want to collaborate

I want to collaborate with the best independent artists and designers on their crazy amazing projects. If you don't think your the best then I definitely want to collaborate with you because You're probably the best anyways. Working with Ash and meeting so many ridiculously creative people at Valio Con has convinced me to keep doing this. It's a great experience building something that I believe in, that's beautiful, and actual makes lives better.

Making stupid stuff is fun too. Really, it's fine with me. If something is silly but beautiful and interactive I'm on board. Our work shouldn't require some economic incentive for it to be built, really it shouldn't matter.

less expensive not less valuable.

So I'm working for less, much less. Sometimes for nothing. I've dropped my rates way way down. I'm going to take projects that I agree with creatively, and I'll work as a collaborator. It's better to bounce ideas off a collaborator anyway. This doesn't me I'm delivering a second rate app. Nope. Nothing like that. Nothing is half assed, I'm 100% full ass here.

My Expertise is in Front-End, Back-End, and iOS development. So if you need an app, or a website, I'm your man. I'm an obsessive technologist desperate to try new things. If you have an idea for a game just like... why haven't you sent me an email yet?

I call this idea of mine Design Rocket!

For independent Artists and Designers my rate is $1,000/wk or less depending on the project and the client. If you're not an independent artist or designer, You can still hire me, My rate is $2,000/wk.

This isn't regular freelancing, I'm working at a reduced rate only for those creative people with an interesting idea and not a big budget.

I want to hear your amazing ideas. My email is me@kow.fm. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send them on over. You can also find me on Twitter, twittering tweets as https://twitter.com/karloscarweber

I'm looking for great people with great ideas.

I look forward to hearing about all of the amazing stuff you want to make.