The Best Productivity Advice

The best and most common productivity advice I've known is to just break what you need to do into smaller chunks.

August 26 2021, by Karl Oscar Weber,

I mean, we all want to be more productive, right? I do. The piece of advice that I hear shared the most is to break down what you need to do into small pieces.

Just break it down. Small pieces.

This is mega true. Sometimes I have trouble getting into the mood of working, or focusing on something for too long. What helps me is to think of a large task like a big debt, I want to pay it off, so I make small payments, or deposits, of my time and attention. Eventually I'll pay it off.

I keep a list of the big things I need to do, then add smaller sub tasks to organize my work. Sometimes I'll be working on something, and I'll get carried away by where the work takes me. It's not what's written down, It's not the plan, but it's important, essential. I add these small things to the larger task. Keep track. Sometimes I add something to my list, just to immediately check it off. This helps me to visualize my progress over time. Watching my progress stack up keeps me motivated.

So, take the things you need to do, then break them into tiny chunks.

You can do it!