Karl Oscar Weber

The Fizz Buzz Problem

Today I was asked to "white board" fizz buzz while in an interview. Fizz Buzz is a simple problem that prints 1 to 100. For every number that is divisible by 3, print fizz, for every number divisible by 5, print buzz, and for the numbers that are divisible by both, print fizz buzz. I have never solved fizz buzz before, so it was hard. I had to ask for help: "Isn't there a function that divides a number and determines if it's a decimal or a whol number?" I asked. "Use the modulus operator" The CTO responded. Obviously I knew what had to be done to solve the problem instantly, I just didn't know which functions / operators to use to do so. A big fail on my part. The modulus operator returns the remainder if there is a remainder, or a 0 if there isn't.

Here is the code that I used for Fizz Buzz below:

for ($i = 1; $i < 101 ; $i++) {
  if (!($i % 3) && !($i % 5)) {
      echo "$i fizz buzz ";
  } else if(!($i % 3)) {
      echo "$i fizz ";
  } else if (!($i % 5)) {
      echo "$i buzz ";
  } else {
      echo $i;
      echo " ";

Lesson learned. Know your control statements and operators.