Karl Oscar Weber

The Pulse

The Pulse

I've been freelancing for about 9 months now, and I've actually been paid, which is good. I think that means that I'm making it. But I've screwed up and almost lost everything more than once in the last 9 months. I have opinions, and I'd like to share them.

The Pulse is a short weekly podcast about my Freelance business, how I'm doing. I'm trying to keep my business running while not running it into the ground. Small, short lessons about freelancing from somebody who has screwed up enough in the last 9 months to know what you probably should not do. The Pulse is as much to help me, as it is to help you. I'm going to learn a lot about keeping this thing going without running out of money every few weeks.

You'll learn things like, How to avoid eviction, How to Sell and Pawn your stuff, How to charge enough to pay the bills, what to never say to a client, how to get fired, and more important lessons that every Freelancer should know.

I'm using Bumpers.fm to record and launch the whole thing. Which means that you Can't subscribe in your favorite podcasting app. Subscribe directly in Bumpers.

The first episode lands on Tuesday.

Things Are Changing Around Here

KOWFM has always been my blog and personal website, but It's about to be something different. I'll be broadcasting and publishing more than ever, and inviting others to publish here too.

I have a new twitter account to keep up with everything that's happening on the Blog: @kowfm. There is also a new monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to in the footer.

Finish Everything

There are Eleven Weeks left in 2016. I'll finish or cancel every project I have by the end of the year. It's time to get things out the door, whatever that means and move forward. Won't you tune in?


I'm selling a single Ad spot for The Pulse. [Contact me](mailto:me@kow.fm?subject=I'd like to Sponsor The Pulse) to get a spot.