Karl Oscar Weber

We Need Time Alone to Think

We Need Time Alone to Think

The other day I was sitting down in bed holding my little girl, she's a newborn and not apt to sleeping at night sometimes. Lately I've been rocking her to sleep in our rocking chair (a great investment) and in those late night moments I often have my phone with me. Well this night I decided to put my phone down and just think.

You'll never know how much of your time is being stolen by the internet until you find yourself rocking a baby to sleep hardly noticing her. I was ashamed at all the time I dedicated to reading Twitter and playing games without the thought of looking at the little person I'm responsible for.

"A life devoid of self examination is one without master or commander, plan or course."

In this new connected world we've created for ourselves, content and amusement is literally in our pocket at any moment. With our smartphones we have never lived more zombie-like, disengaged lives. I decided to put my phone down and just be with my sleeping daughter for a while. I decided to sit and think.

Thinking in this way, in the middle of the night, basically by myself (my daughter doesn't say much yet) I felt calm and at peace. How often do you feel peace in your life? I thought about myself, my family, and my life. Sitting and thinking gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate things that I had been doing correctly, and incorrectly. My rights and wrongs; and to Steel myself to work my way out of the foibles of my life. A life devoid of self examination is one without master or commander, plan or course. I realized that I was a bit lost lately, at least in my conduct outside of my profession.

I recognized what I had been doing wrong and worked out ways to do better. I just required a few quiet moments with myself.

I've decided to have some alone time every single day. I find it to be the best way to clear my mind and to work through the imperfection that is myself. I'll sit and think, or walk and think. I encourage you to find some quiet alone time every day to sit and think. Make certain it's by yourself. Have no expectations for this time, other than to have no agenda outside of peace. Forget your phone, not even a book, reading is for later. Sit and think. I promise you'll feel better than you did before.

All of this sounds a lot like meditation, which has been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration and memory, and even makes you happier.