Design Portfolio

👋 Hi, My name is Karl Oscar Weber, I make websites, and apps. I live in Salt Lake City with my wife and our 3 little kids. It's all great. Now I’m looking for something new

I aspire to make astonishing Art & Design, For reals.

I’ve been working on my own projects for years, and it all sucks, but I think I’ve become better with each project. Here you’ll find my design portfolio of a couple of unfinished, but close to finished projects. I also designed and developed this blog, all by myself. Please let me know what you think?

Cheddar started as a simple to do list application almost 7 years ago designed and developed by a lone developer named Sam Soffes. Sam did a great job. I flipping loved the app. There was a Web app, an iOS app, a Mac app, an open API. It had everything.

Sam Sold Cheddar, and then the guy he sold it to, sold it too. After 4 years of no updates or changes, the app languished and stopped working. Then they sold it to me, and I got it working again.

Cheddar is a passion project, a rusted Mustang that hadn’t been driven in years. It’s paint was fadded and chipping, the engine siezed up, but still full of charm. That’s why I set out to refurbish this little wonder.

Inspired by old kodak packaging and branding, I began to explore shapes and colors used to market their film. The packaging is bold, unique, and immediately playful, a perfect proxy of Cheddar.

I explored how really bold colors and some simple icons could be brand symbols. Cheddar has a few simple features, these icons, along with a corresponding color, represent them.

This is the iOS app’s Magic Text Field. It floats at the bottom of the screen, and then animates into place when tapped. The text field gets taller with lots of text.

The web app looked pretty fine as it was, so I just left it alone for a while, then improved the colors so it wouldn’t like you were looking into the sun when you opened the screen.

Milkjar is a flexible budget app that DOESN’Tconnect to your bank account. It’s intended to be shared with only 1 other person, your partner. The app is built around the idea that most of what people really need to do when budgeting, is planning.

With Milkjar we can make a sequence of budgets, one for each pay period, then estimate our savings or shortfall over time. The current budget, the one you’re living right now, is amended with real life spending, giving you an active overview of your money. Haven’t kept up with amendments? Just start over on top of your current budget with the correct balance.

Create fantasy budgets. Imagine if you moved, or became a millionaire, or lost your job, or got a better job? Now you know what your budget will be like.

Budgets exist in a sequence, sometimes the leftover from one budget shouldn’t feed directly into the next. I tried to use creative iconography to explain or control how budgets receive leftovers.

The colors in the app are also not just for show. The intention is to directly display how much money you’ve saved or lost in a given period at a glance.

Ledgers and more exact expense tracking is part of the concept. Additionally I wanted a place to keep track of debts, debt payments, savings, and savings deposits.

These are some icons and action concepts that I explored for the app. I didn’t want to depend solely on color to show the effects of an action.


I've been a web and iOS developer for over 8 years now. I'm sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to building apps and websites, so I have worked extensively with designers for a very long time. I'm very proficient with Sketch, I'm also familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, Pixelmater, Invision, and other design tools.

I've been avidly interested in typography for some years now, and know about all of the nuances of Weight, Style, Decoration, Cuts, Leading, line-heights, x-heights, ascenders, descenders, Serifs, Grotesque, Black Letter, ligatures, and other important and esoteric facts. I've been practicing and trying to get type right for years so I am very away that I'm committing type travesties daily.


  • I have good taste.
  • I LOVE art & design.
  • I have over 8 years of experience programming highly interactive apps and websites.
  • Information Architecture.


  • Fancy Visuals.
  • Making good art.
  • Information Architecture.
  • I tend to make piles and piles of crap when designing before coming upon something that I genuinely think is good.

Why should you hire me

Well I flipping love Art and Design. I just love it. I love it so much that I've been "practicing" design my entire programming career. I'm passionate about making astonishing things, and I feel like I just got started.

In short, I'm ready for my next adventure designing apps and websites, instead of programming them. There is so much to learn and I'm so excited to hop to it.

Please consider me for your design internship.

You can reach me on Twitter @karloscarweber, or by writing to