👋 Hi, my name is Karl.

For over 10 years I’ve been building highly interactive apps and websites, and I’m damn good at it. I can make just about anything for the iPhone or the web.

I’ve built custom parallax libraries, responsive websites, and powerful API Backends. I’ve prototyped, launched, and maintained social apps written from scratch in Swift. I’ve transformed defunct Objective-C apps to fast and performant Swift apps. I’ve designed and engineered APIs running on everything from PHP and MySQL, to Node, Python, Ruby, and more.

I’m most passionate about the Web.

I really really really love the web. My goal is to focus my consulting work on building highly interactive and beautiful Websites that make you say: “Hot damn!”. To build them fast, perform faster, and to astonish universally.

If you have a need for an experienced, back-end, front-end, or iOS Engineer, I can help. If you have a project that pushes what’s possible in design systems, animation, typography, and art on the web, then I absolutely want to help.

Please consider me for any web, or iOS project, but especially for the best damn websites on the internet.

Contact me via email at: me@kow.fm, or on twitter at: @karloscarweber.