Getting Fired

January 11 2013, by Karl Oscar Weber,

So I lost my job a week before Christmas. Well, actually I was fired hardcore. I deserved it. I was at a point at red olive where the work just wasn't interesting me. I had trouble focusing on the same kind of projects everyday. it was very strange. No hard feelings though. Red Olive is still an awesome place to work, I will always remember the people that made my day, every day.

Anyways so now I'm open for contract work. You can Hire Me if you'd like. I don't really want to get tied down to another agency so quickly, but bills are bills. I have a mountain load of nice ideas that I want to work on, Contract work will allow me to pay the bills AND work on some awesome side projects. Look forward to exciting things in the future.

My Plan

So my plan is to contract for the next few months, store some savings away, then Build applications for myself full time. There are certain skills that I want to learn in the next few months:

iOS Engineering
Ruby on Rails
How to use Stripe

The idea is that I'll be able to Design, Develop, and Market my own applications from top to bottom. I have quite a stack of ideas to work from. It's really exciting to do this on my own.