Hi I’m Karl.

My blog is currently under construction. I just started it, and I’m going to be redoing the whole damn thing in public, like a few other folks. Please follow along with the progress on this page. Where I will be blogging about it.

I design and develop my own apps and websites. I’m an open source developer at a financial tech company. I have a Blog. I also write this book, Swift Foundations that teaches Swift to beginners.


What's in my head while I redesign

February 21 2020 , blog redesign-2020

Context is important. I want to provide a bit of insight as to why I'm redesigning my website.Read more

Website Redesign

February 21 2020 , blog

A lot of people are suddenly Redesigning their website out in the open. I was inRead more

Playbook: Marketing your freelance business

October 18 2019 , blog playbook

1. Do your damn best for every project. 2. People will talk.Read more

Why everything I started in the last 8 years has failed

August 14 2019 , blog

This is gonna be a good one. I try to do too much too quickly. IRead more

Grab Bag, Week 1

February 19 2018 , blog

In this week's update Prizmo is almost ready for prime time and KOWFM v12 has it's layout working.Read more

Independence: My Plan for 2018

February 12 2018 , blog

My plan for 2018 is to become independent from Freelancing by designing, building, and selling myRead more

The Pulse

October 15 2016 , Podcast the-pulse blog

I've been freelancing for about 9 months now, and I've actually been paid, which is good.Read more

Protocol Definitions in Swift

June 8 2016 , blog

Today I ran into a difficult to identify bug while implementing a Swift Protocol. Swift ProtocolsRead more

Serving Independent Artists & Designers

May 24 2016 , blog Art Design Code

I want to spend my time making things I'm proud of. I'm not proud of 90%Read more

Minimum Viable Post

February 7 2016 , blog

There are a lot of those silly, startupy self help Blog posts about what's necessary forRead more

We Need Time Alone to Think

April 27 2015 , blog

The other day I was sitting down in bed holding my little girl, she's a newbornRead more

You need your own Space to effectively work from home

April 25 2015 , blog

Today my wife and I decided to reorganize our little room. It's five of us inRead more

Diminishing Returns of Working Late

April 22 2015 , blog

I'm new to freelancing, which means I'm new to the scheduling and work conflicts that inevitablyRead more

Episode 2 - Joelle Steiniger

December 10 2014 , blog Podcast

When you're finished listening to Joelle, Make certain to pick up a copy of Swift Foundations,Read more

Hitting Reboot

November 10 2014 , blog

A few months ago I started writing a programming book called Swift Foundations. Soon afterwards IRead more

Lessons Learned Writing Swift Foundations

November 10 2014 , blog

A couple of months ago I started a pretty ambitious project, A programming book for Beginners:Read more

Micro blogs are already here

September 17 2014 , blog

Microblog spec I read Manton Reece's thoughts on defining a micro blog post which is prettyRead more

48 Hour Book Jam

September 14 2014 , blog

So this past Weekend there was a 48 hour game jam held in downtown Salt LakeRead more

Writing things

September 2 2014

I used to do much more writing than I do now. The way that My wifeRead more

How to make a realm model in swift

September 2 2014

I ran into an issue when making my first realm object in swift. Realm is aRead more